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Impact Democracy

August 25, 2011

Impact Democracy is a new initiative established to act, as a forum for people to actively participate in our democracy. The group will meet monthly to discuss issues that affect our country. People will be encouraged to take part in the defined actions for that month that will range from writing a letter, making phone call, attending a rally or simply sharing information, with others who may be interested, in the actions that month. The topics will range from our Justice system, to Health, Education, Aboriginal issues, the Military, the Environment, and others.

Impact Democracy will provide the opportunity for discussion of the topics that will be debated in parliament that month. This information will also be shared on the Facebook group page providing the opportunity for anyone interested in participating remotely to also take action and have an impact.

Those with expertise in the various issues will be called upon to attend the monthly meeting or to share their knowledge on-line. It is the discussion and involvement of people that will shape the appropriate actions for each month.

Impact Democracy will hold it's first meeting on Thursday Sept. 8, 2011 at 9:00 at a location to be determined. Come on out and have an impact!

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